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  1. OldKing Aug 19, 2017

    Yo buddy. I'm back. 2 months late, got a bit busy this year. 8 years huh. Time flies by so quickly. Gosh, I'm 26 this year. And you would have been 27.

    Still, I'm yet in my youth and prime, so I continued going all over the world. Did you know? Apparently you need certification to dive in certain areas. So I am working on that for now. Can't call myself as seeing all of the world(not in a literal sense) if I never got to see the wonderful world deep under the blue sea after all, right? Haha!

    While in my journey for the last 1 year, I met a guy named Felix. Surprise, he's just like me, an adventurer not tied to home. So we kinda decided to get and travel together. It's nice to have a pal to watch each other's back while on the journey. He's working on getting a diving certification alongside me, and once we got it, we're gonna go off to an underwater adventure course. Can't wait for it.

    I'm somehow still not dead despite how reckless I've been, so guess I won't be seeing you in the afterlife(whether there really is one or not doesn't matter, heh) for now.

    Well then. I'm out again. See you next year, buddy! Be it here, or in the afterlife!

  2. OldKing Jun 27, 2016

    Orpheuz, I'm back. I'm somewhat on time this time, ha! Just a little bit over one year since the last message, see? ww

    Anyway, 7 years now huh... Sure has been a long while. A lot of things keep on changing. Bad things, good things, all part of life I suppose. I'm still traveling all over the world, it's really fun. Call me a world traveler!
    Of course, things can be rough like when I went to Congo and got some run ins with gang people, but some heart-thumping thrills are needed in life, yeah? This life, being free while moving all over this beautiful, beautiful earth....

    Man, sure wish I can take you along with me. I miss you, my friend. During my travel all over the world, I met all sorts of individual. Great people doing their best to achieve great things, average people just trying to live life, people forced to do terrible things, and people that are indeed just terrible... Each unique, with their own life story. Hmm... What would your life story have been if you're still alive, my dear friend? I wonder...

    Me? My life story, I hope, will be one of a world traveler. Documenting life, nature, stories of struggle, stories of hope, everything... Well, we'll see about that I suppose ww

    I'll leave it at that for now. I'll be back in about a year, if I am still alive by then.

    I'm going, once more into this wide, wide world. See you later, my dear friend Orpheuz.

  3. eXDream2K5 Dec 01, 2015

    Hey bud...it's...it's been a while. I should've checked in with you. Let you know how I'm doing. But I haven't and I'm sorry, because I don't remember the last time I checked in.

    After you went to the other side, I met a girl. An awesome girl. You would've liked her. And things started clicking into place. Yanno how I was always unsure and confused and just generally upset cuz I didn't understand anything about myself? Yeah. It started clicking. And I was so happy. The kind of happy you always wanted for me. The kind of happy we'd talk about for hours on messenger. But deep down, something still wasn't right. You would've seen it. I wasn't whole. Almost, but not totally.

    The girl and I broke up in 2013. Right before my birthday. My life was falling apart anyway, and I took my anti-depressant, a sleeping pill, and my other meds and chased them down with booze. Obviously, I'm still here. But...yeah. I started looking inward. Looking for what was wrong with me.

    I found the answer that summer. And I accepted it in 2014. And then in 2015 I began a new journey.

    I've learned a lot, man. A lot. And I still have so much to learn. I don't know how you feel about all this. I just hope that we're still friends. When I see you on the other side, I'm going to hug you. You taught me so much while you were here. I just hope I'm becoming the person you always knew I'd be.

    I promise I'll check in again soon. Love you, brother.

  4. OldKing Jun 12, 2015

    Hey, buddy. It's Hyde again. It's over 6 years now. Still can't forget about you. Well, I won't. I promised after all ww
    Ah right. I picked up this habit of using "ww" instead of "lol" from a Japanese friend. Apparently, it's their way of saying "lol" ww

    Man, I am still not kicking the bucket in the end. I am an agnostic now, but if I may say, god-guy sure have a funny sense of humor. Even my life is funny these days. Good things, bad things. I am traveling a lot these days, you know? Exploring the world and all. Been to many places from Australia to Singapore to Hong Kong to Vietnam! Took a life as a, I love to call it, an adventurer. Downside is I don't have a fixed job and is broke most of the time. Upside, I sure as hell am enjoying life.

    Man... Haven't managed to find anyone like you. Never will I guess. It's funny you know, 6 years later and you're still the one I consider my best friend ww

    Anyway, I'll be back again. Every year, hopefully. Well, as long as MT still exist I guess. And even if MT stopped existing... I'll find my own way, 'kay? Later pal.

  5. Steffi1690 Moderator Nov 07, 2014


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